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Ms. Baljinnyam Chinzorigt (Baljaa)
Founder & CEO Youth INC.


Dear Young Professionals, Leaders and Change makers,
YOUTH INC. Global Talent team, partners and supporters,
Greetings to you all!

YOUTHinc is a social enterprise, a blended, community driven platform where professionals and businesses are matched to connect and support each other, promoting work-life harmony to contribute towards a better future, through our:

  • MEMBERSHIP based Community (Bfit + L&D)
  • MATCHMAKING of Professionals and Organizations (Online Offline)
  • PERSONALIZED Support Services (Blended Customized) 

Our Vision: Work - life harmony "IKIGAI" for every young professionals!

Our Mission: Building a blended, community driven platform for professionals and businesses to connect and grow to achieve their goals.
Our Principles: Connecting the right-minded and like-minded young professionals through meaningful engagement; collaborating with prospective employers and organizations with shared vision & mission; promoting SDGs - particularly good health & well-being, quality education, gender equality, decent work, peace and global partnership; bringing international best practices and knowledge sharing; support strengthening the social dialogue; using the right technology to our advantage; building more inclusive and sustainable network and a community together! 

Young Mongolian Professionals Association was established as a 501c3 tax-exempt NGO organization in the USA in 2009, and has registered both in East (Virginia) & West (California) Coast of the USA from 2009-2015. The NGO has over 2700 members on social networking group page to share information and opportunities.

Youth around the world are connected to each other like never before, as they want to and already contribute to the resilience of their communities, proposing innovative solutions, driving social and economic progress. Thus, I believe connecting the right-minded and like-minded individuals through meaningful engagement, lifelong learning, skills and competency building, sharing knowledge and empowering one another, together we can solve the world's biggest problems with the use of technology to our advantage as youth are the agents of change and driving force towards the achievement of the SDGs by 2030. 

Mongolia is a country of youth. 64 percent of the total population are under 35 years of age (nso 2018). Youth aged 15–34 represent the largest demographic group in the country, at more than one million, constituting 35 percent of the population in 2019, accounted for a significant share of the working-age population as well as voters in the country. Thus, Mongolia’s Youth is a potential resource for the county’s development  shaping the future of the nation. 

On 2.20.2020 we were excited to Soft Launch our YOUTHINC.MN, a preview release of our website, rolling out to you to test, send your feedback, and be part of who we are before a wider release! You are kindly invited to test functionality of our online registration by SIGNING UP as an Individual or an Organization to Get Involved to contribute for our shared mission and together we can achieve greater impact!

Below are the steps YOU to follow:

  1. SIGN UP – YOU (yourself) either as an Individual or an Organization
  1. POST and SHARE with OTHERS who share common goal so we can co-create the powerful circle of professionals, leaders and change makers who influence others positively and can get Involved in any capacity to make the change we all want!
  2. SEND COMMENTS & FEEDBACK for improvement or Get Involved and/or Partnership opportunities

Below are the next expected processes for YOUTH Inc.

  1. Once you sign up and send your useful feedback, we will allow some necessary adjustments to be made and iron out issues;
  2. Data Analysis to be made;
  3. Schedule our 1-1 meeting through preferred way of contact for further engagement;
  4. Get Involved Talent - team building process and communication;
  5. Develop our programs and activities together with our talent team;
  6. Youth Inc. Brand New Office & Development Center will be launching!
  7. Start to Pilot test our programs and activities together 
In short, I warmly welcome you all to visit YOUTH INC. We need your support and expertise to develop and empower youth through quality education, decent work and healthy lifestyle; so please Sign Up Now to Get Involved  in any capacity to make the change we all want and be Part of Who We Are based on your needs, time and interest!
Let's unite and support one another regardless of nationality, age, gender and background to share experience, knowledge and expertise cross culturally, and we look forward to a long and fruitful collaboration to achieve our common goal together!
Sincerely yours, 


Ms. BALJINNYAM Chinzorigt (Baljaa)

Founder & CEO



Email: baljaa@youthinc.mn 

(Get Involved Talent or Partnership Opportunities)

info@youthinc.mn (for general inquiries)

WhatsApp: +976 99050105