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According to WEF 2019,  Mongolia ranked 29th in percentage of higher education entrants out of 140 countries. However, ranked 139th with availability of highly skilled professionals due to Skills mismatch in Mongolian labor market.

Mongolia is a country of youth - 64% of the total population are under 35 years of age. Today, youth unemployment rates are very high in Mongolia at 24% (youth aged 18-24), which is 3 times higher than the national average.  The skills mismatch is the major challenge in our labor market  as young people are not able to find the jobs they want, and  businesses are unable to find talent  for the jobs they have. So, there is a Big Gap that exists between youth and employers, which contributes to uncertainties facing all.

PROJECT: We wanted to address this issue with a project initiative called “Bridging the Gap - Digital Skills Matching Internship Program”. The goal is to reduce the mismatch between young job candidates and employers by increasing employability competencies of youth to acquire the needed skills and practical experiences in real working conditions at employers' workplaces, so it will enable both employers and young individuals to enter the labour market prepared,and assist them for the Future of Work.

  • Inadequate experience -career proficiency, 
  • Incompatibility of knowledge and skills for the job,
  • No willingness to work and difficulties in adapting to work patterns.

Due to this skills mismatch  young professionals  are not able to find the jobs they want, and  businesses are unable to find talent  for the jobs they have.

Within last year our Project initiative was shared and promoted in a various International Arenas successfully;

  • Initially shared at the St.Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF) in June 2019, as part of the New Generation's special "Friends for Leadership, FFL" session at SPIEF, our project initiative was selected as one of the two projects promoted by the FFL Network,  it was presented at the Higher UN Conference in NY. 

  • Addressed at the 108th /Centenary/ Session of the International Labor Conference of ILO at the Plenary on behalf of the Mongolian Employers’ delegation in the UN Geneva, Switzerland in June 2019.

  • Attended the Global Youth Employment Forum in Abuja, Nigeria - in August, as our project was selected as one of 17 initiatives to share among the 200 delegates from different countries at the Sharefare.

  • Recently, we have contributed to a bigger research project of the Maastricht University of The Netherlands commissioned by DECP (Dutch Employers Cooperation Programme) on bridging the skills gap.

The key message from these international conferences, we understood that the skills mismatch and the competence gap is our common challenge, both locally and globally, especially in developing countries.






Introducing our project proposal Bridging the Gap Digital Skills Matching Internship program at the Global Youth Employment Forum in Abuja, Nigeria organized by the International Labour Organization.